Help us reach our goals in 2017 by GETting INVOLVED IN A COMMUNITY NEAR YOU! 

Sponsor a player

It is our goal to help sponsor 20 inner-city players this year for group programming with Trio Stars Academy. Individuals and organizations in the New York and surrounding areas can pledge to partner with TRIO Stars academy to sponsor 1 or more players who wish to participate in scheduled group programming but need financial assistance. There are several opportunities to  help get players plugged in to a sport of their choice each season. Become apart of our STARS network TODAY! Our STARS network partners are recognized throughout the year and cherished for helping to make young dreams come true. We love to celebrate the success that you help to create!

Many Ways to partner

Individuals and organizations can partner with Trio Stars Academy by volunteering during programming, donating equipment and/or helping us to reach more communities with our voice. We are interested in partnering with more schools, financial institutions and recreational facilities in various communities. Our goal is to make sports training and scouting options available to every aspiring player regardless of financial status.

For more information on how to partner with Trio Stars Academy in 2017 please email