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Toddler Soccer Stars in Harlem, NYC

Develop your child's potential!

Yay, We're almost there! Thanks to generous parent and community support, we  are almost done with yet another successful 5 weeks session!!!

We are Pleased to be wrapping up the 4th and final session of our toddler recreational soccer development program.  Since January and running every consequent Sunday for 5 weeks intervals. Trio Stars Academy has affected the Harlem community through Toddler Soccer Stars. Toddler Soccer Stars is an affordable & recreational development program and platform for children under the age of 5. Our dedicated coaching staff bring  toddler-age-appropriate drills to help foster the proper fundamental skills to begin training for a life of sports. Toddler Soccer stars will end this June as we prepare for the Summer Toddler and Summer City Boot Camps. Families from surrounding neighborhoods are welcome to apply. Spots are limited and are on a first-come first-serve basis, subject to review and approval. After the initial spots have been filled, additional candidates will be wait-listed for future slotted sessions.

Apply to train with TRIO Stars Academy At p.s.175 in harlem, Nyc.

**Please note: All applicants are subject to board review for candidacy, AYSO approval and payment. Submitting an application does not guarantee your child a spot at Toddler Soccer Stars. Our next sessions will resume in September 2017. Email triostarsacademy@gmail.com for more information or to add your name to the waitlist.

The Program

The Toddler Soccer Stars program at P.S.175 brings children from all backgrounds together in Harlem to form new friendships, learn teamwork, and fall in love with soccer. The program is for children 5 years old & younger.

Parental engagement is a key feature of this program. Parents are expected to serve as assistants for all the soccer activities. This is particularly important given toddlers' attention span. To learn more about toddler's developing attention spans, click here.

We believe in community and fun first. That is the core of this program.

Program Schedule

cycle 2: 11-Feb, 5-Mar, 12-Mar, 19-Mar, 26-Mar

cycle 3: 2-Apr, 9-Apr, 23-Apr, 30-Apr, 7-May

cycle 4: 21-May, 28-May, 4-Jun, 11-Jun, 18-Jun


Summer Camp 2017

8weeks of  Summer in Harlem & Beyond

Summer Camp 2017

8weeks of  Summer in Harlem & Beyond

Summer Camp 2017

FUN Skill Building & Interactive Play

We are amping up the fun and competitiveness of our weekend Toddler Stars Program and have created a fun-filled 4-days a week summer program for U5. Children will develop the fundamental skill set for team play and placed on teams to aid their development process with weekly competitive matches modified for toddler-level. Within this 8 weeks program we will have workshops led by New York City Department of Education staff, hold a Family celebration day filled with music, face painting, and food, as well as an award ceremony honoring the teams, parent volunteers and staff.

$450/pp Early bird registration

$550/pp Registration after June 18th

INTENSE training for Pro-bound players

For eight (8)  intensive weeks. We will be training and playing competitive friendly matches to help develop players who seek to sharpen their skill set. Summer City Boot Camp aims to develop players and great character on and off the field. Training is daily throughout the weekdays with competitive matches scheduled on Wednesdays. Players will be encourage to do pre and post-game assessments of their skills and develop advanced team play practices. Summer City Boot Camp families will also join us for a Family celebration day with the Toddler Summer Camp families including a special guest speakers panel to address players and families seeking infomation about going pro.

$650 pp/ Early bird registration

$750 pp/Registration after June 18th

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance is available for qualifying families. If you would like to be considered for a partial or full scholarship, please fill out the application below and our team will reach out within 3-4 business days with a decision or to request supporting documents.

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